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Faculty Toolkit

About Our collections

Hostos Library Collections at a Glance:

  • Print books: We have over 50,000 books in its circulating and reference collections. The "Reserves" collection contains nearly 1000 current textbooks and other required texts.
  • Ebooks: Through Ebrary’s Academic Complete collection, Hostos has access to over 70,000 scholarly ebooks. We also subscribe to over 5000 titles to support our allied health, office technology, social sciences, and science, and humanities programs.
  • Journals: Through databases and individual subscriptions, we provide access to nearly 60,000 journals.
  • DVD’s and streaming videos: Hostos has nearly 2000 films on DVD available in it’s audiovisual and leisure collections and we subscribe to streaming services that provide access to thousands more titles.
  • Leisure collections: We make journals, popular reading materials, and DVD’s available to patrons to encourage the joy of reading and watching great films.

Use the OneSearch tool to find library holdings at Hostos and all libraries in CUNY. Or explore our A-Z list of nearly 200 databases. Students, faculty, and staff can borrow books from most CUNY campus libraries through the CLICS system and have them delivered to Hostos Library.

Textbooks on Reserve

Reserve Collections

Use the link below to place a textbook or other item on Reserve for your students.

During the COVID-19 emergency, many Hostos students lost access to a lifeline—the Library’s Reserve Textbook Collection. When the Library is able to safely re-open, we will not be able to offer the short-term loans of reserve textbooks because of the time needed to quarantine between check-outs. Click on the link below to learn how the Hostos Library can help.

Student Access to Database Articles in Blackboard

To give students access to any of the Library’s subscription articles in Blackboard, you can build a link that will ask them to login with their Hostos Library account.

The link will be made up of two parts: the “proxy string” and the “permalink” (stable URL) of the article. The proxy string is always the same ( ) and then the article’s permalink is pasted in right after that equals sign (=). To retrieve an article’s permalink, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the article in OneSearch (
  1. From the OneSearch results page, click on the ellipses (...) next to your item.

onesearch result with ellipses highlighted

  1. Click on the "Permalink" button to generate the link; press Ctrl+C to copy to your clipboard -- this will be the end of your link.

onesearch result with permalink icon highlighted

Example with "proxy string" + "permalink":

Inquiries and Input for Collections

Faculty Input for Collection Development

If you have any other questions about our collections in your subject area, or suggestions for materials to add to our circulating collection, please contact the liaison librarian for your discipline.