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Faculty Toolkit

Overview of Hostos Library resources

Requesting a book from another CUNY college

In OneSearch, you can modulate the scope of your search to either Hostos Library or all of CUNY, by toggling the dropdown menu on the side of the search box (please note that after changing the scope, you need to click the magnifying glass to re-perform the search):

Screenshot of OneSearch search box, with dropdown menu showing options "Hostos" and "All CUNY"

After clicking on the title of a desired book, you may see a number of options for requesting a book that we do not have here at Hostos:

screenshot of OneSearch result showing options: "Sign in with CUNY Login to see available request options", ""Request book via ILL", and a list of several CUNY colleges with the note "available in institution"

Please note : always try CUNY before trying ILL!

Requesting a book from another CUNY is not only faster than using ILL (which is to request items from libraries outside of the CUNY system), but if you request via ILL first and it turns out CUNY has the book, your request will not go through. 

Please click on "sign in"" and enter your CUNY First username and password. 

After signing in, you will be brought back to the same page, where you can now enter your request for the book to be sent from another CUNY library, via CLICS (CUNY Libraries Inter-Campus Service). The book can be sent to Hostos Library, or to any other CUNY library that you choose.

screenshot showing options for "How to get it": "Request another CUNY library's copy (pick up at any CUNY library)" and "Request book via ILL"


Requesting a book from beyond CUNY

You can request books (and scans of articles, and other items) from colleges outside of CUNY using our InterLibrary Loan (ILL) system, Tipasa. Please see our guide for detailed instructions and policies regarding ILL.

Textbooks for your course

Maximizing Access to Your Commercial Textbook

If you will have a commercial textbook that you would like to place on reserve in the library, please submit a request with this form. Having your textbook on reserve allows students to borrow the book for two hours in the library to make copies of scans of the pages they need that week. Please contact our reserves manager, Santa Ojeda, at with any questions about your request.

Zero Textbook Cost alternatives

Because the costs of textbooks have increased at an exorbitant rate, making access increasingly difficult for students, Hostos Library has been working for several years in partnership with teaching faculty to research, adopt, and/or create alternatives to high priced textbooks. See here or use the link below to learn more.

Your department's liaison librarian

A liaison librarian is assigned to each academic discipline. Your liaison can work with you to incorporate your input into collections, and to support your teaching and your students' acquisition of research skills.