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Paraphrasing the Research Assignment

Paraphrasing the Research Assignment

Learning Objective(s): Students will describe what is expected of them for their research assignment, what steps will be required, and how their work will be evaluated, in order to develop a plan for completion.

Materials: a means for asking students the questions, either on paper or via a projection or other method (see ParaphrasingTheAssignment-Questions.docx)

Time: variable - a portion of a single class period

Paraphrasing the Research Assignment is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

The Research Process

The Research Process by Joiner Library, Eastern Carolina University

Learning Objective(s): Students will consider how someone's topic and approach to research might evolve, in order to develop flexibility in their own process. Students will see how specific ways of developing keywords and searching for sources play out in an example scenario, in order to determine what strategies to use for their own project.

Materials: access to video

Time: 3:45

The Research Process by Joiner Library of Eastern Carolina University is licensed under a Creative Commons.