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CLIP: Immigrants and Immigration - Textbook

Week 1: Course Introduction

Student Learning Outcomes:

Listening: Demonstrate comprehension of simple one-step oral directions.

Speaking: Demonstrate comprehension of everyday expressions used interpersonal interactions and express confusion.

Reading: Demonstrate how to look for contents

Writing: Use words to make sentences

Stakcs of mostly paperback books in a bookshop

Student Work:
Practice writing the alphabet/complete vowel and consonant reading and writing with 70% accuracy
Use flashcards and speedread
Use phonics with the vowels and consonants


Key Vocabulary

  • Words
  • Letters
  • Silent
  • Confusion
  • Understand
  • Introduce
  • Speech

Content Area

  • Communicate
  • Consonant
  • Vowel


Introduction to English Grammar and Mechanics; Nouns; Pronouns; Overview of the Process of Writing a Paper.
Source: Curation and Revision,
License: CC BY-SA: Attribution-ShareAlike

Writing Spaces
Source: Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing
License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0