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PSY 180 - Psychology of Aging - Textbook



10 Common Elderly Health Issues

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Basic Terms

  • chronic health conditions
  • cognitive health
  • mental health
  • physical injury
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • malnutrition
  • sensory impairments
  • oral health
  • substance abuse
  • bladder control and constipation

(Learning Objectives, Key Points, and Basic Terms content by Professor Stacey Cooper is licensed under CC BY 4.0.)


"Getting older can seem daunting­—greying hair, wrinkles, forgetting where you parked the car. All jokes aside, aging can bring about unique health issues. With seniors accounting for 12 percent of the world’s population­–and rapidly increasing to over 22 percent by 2050–it’s important to understand the challenges faced by people as they age, and recognize that there are preventive measures that can place yourself (or a loved one) on a path to healthy aging."