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PSY 180 - Psychology of Aging - Textbook

Chapter 4: Table of Contents

Chapter 4: Physical Health & Well Being

Chapter Learning Objectives

  • Identify the most important physiological changes occurring in men and women during middle adulthood.
  • Describe how physiological changes during middle adulthood can impact life experience, health, and sexuality.
  • Identify the ten common everyday health issues that the elderly face.
  • Examine the links between aging stereotypes and health outcomes.
  • Examine the connection between positive aging stereotypes and positive health outcomes.
  • Understand the various environmental and psychosocial factors related to long-term health outcomes.

Chapter Key Points

  • As we age we face more health issues that can affect our everyday functioning.
  • Internalized attitudes about aging affect us physically and psychologically.
  • While genetics play are large role in long-term health outcomes, so too do environmental factors, attitudes and social relationships.

(Learning Objectives, Key Points, and Basic Terms content by Professor Stacey Cooper is licensed under CC BY 4.0.)