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PSY 180 - Psychology of Aging - Textbook

Chapter 10: Table of Contents

Chapter 10: Death, Dying, & Bereavement


Chapter Learning Objectives

  • Understand the processes and characteristics of death
  • Examine what is a good death
  • Identify the different types of death
  • Identify the various means of assisted death and euthanasia
  • Examine the cultural differences in understanding death and grieving
  • Evaluate the available techniques for dealing with grief and bereavement


Chapter Key Points

  • A dying process that allows an individual to make choices about treatment, to say goodbyes and to take care of final arrangements is what many people hope for.
  • Death can take on a variety of forms.
  • Grief and bereavement require a variety of techniques that can assist in dealing with death.
  • Grief can look different, depending who is doing the grieving, be they family, friends or caretakers.


(Learning Objectives, Key Points, and Basic Terms content by Professor Stacey Cooper is licensed under CC BY 4.0.)