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Using the Library | OER Textbooks and ZTC Courses

Details open educational resources and zero textbook costs courses.

Zero Textbook Costs (ZTC)

Video | What is ZTC?

I'm a Student Interested in ZTC Courses!

Certain courses at Hostos are now "zero textbook cost" courses. They have been designed so that you do not have to buy any books, and instead will read materials that are available for free.

Many colleges are now looking for alternatives to expensive textbooks, using what are called Open Educational Resources (OER). Learn more about Hostos OER Projects.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Locating ZTC Courses in OneSearch

  1. To find these courses in CUNYFirst, select "course attribute."
    CUNYFirst Screenshot
    Image 01: CUNYFirst application with Course Attribute circled.
  2. Then scroll down to select "zero textbook cost" from the dropdown menu.
    Screenshot of CUNYFirst Course Attributes
    Image 02: Dropdown menu of CUNYFirst with Course Attribute circled and Zero Textbook Cost highlighted.