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Using the Library | OER Textbooks and ZTC Courses

Details open educational resources and zero textbook costs courses.

Hostos OER Initiative

Hostos Library is always interested in developing more OER textbooks for ZTC courses! Information about how we can create a textbook together is below as well as information about past projects

OER Textbook Creation and Adaption 

  1. Consider the structure of your course.
  2. Find, select, and organize relevant materials.
  3. Adapt and create materials as needed for the course.
  4. Work with OER team members to make the materials available to your class.
  5. Teach with the OER for a semester.
  6. Share your experience and that of your students with other stakeholders.
  7. Receive a $2000 stipend the initial semester of adoption.

For more information, contact the initiative coordinator Professor Kate Lyons.

Timeline for Creating and Adapting OER Textbooks for Your Classroom

Goes Live Spring Semester

  • Course Map Draft Due
    • July 15
  • License Review and Course Map Finalized
    • September 1
  • Textbook Designation Due
    • September 12

Goes Live Summer Semester

  • Course Map Draft Due
    • December 1
  • License Review and Course Map Finalized
    • January 15
  • Textbook Designation Due
    • January 31

Goes Live Fall Semester

  • Course Map Draft Due
    • December 15
  • License Review and Course Map Finalized
    • February 1
  • Textbook Designation Due
    • February 14

Course Map Template

Past OER Projects

The Achieving the Dream Open Educational Resources Grant (2016 - 2019)

From 2016 - 2019, Hostos was part of a CUNY-wide and nation-wide Open Educational Resources (OER) Degree Initiative funded by Achieving the Dream to help address the high cost of textbooks.  Starting with courses offered in Spring 2017 to Fall 2019, faculty at Hostos received support to adapt at least one section for each required course and several electives of the Early Childhood Education degree program to replace traditional textbooks with Open Educational Resources (OER).  This makes it possible for a student to complete an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education taking all classes using OERs as the only required texts. It is our goal to expand the adoption of Open Educational Resources to other degrees beyond the life of this grant.

Profs. Madeline Ford of the Library and Jacqueline DiSanto of the Education Department are the primary contacts for this initiative at Hostos.