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Passwords, printing, and other tech

Where can I print or copy?

How do I print from a library computer?

How much does it cost to print or copy, and how much money do I have for printing?

🖨.  Where can I print or photocopy?

The library: A-308.

  • To make photocopies of a book/piece of paper: we have many photocopiers upstairs and one downstairs. 
  • To print from a computer: come downstairs and turn left down the hallway for the best computers.

You can also print in computer lab in C-595


🖨 How do I print from a library computer?
  1. Click under the "File" menu and select "Print" - OR - press Ctrl+P.
  2. Make sure that "Hostos printers" are selected as the printer.
  3. For color printing - make sure you send the print job as a color job, and retrieve your print job either from the large photocopier downstairs (see below) or one of the two photocopiers upstairs that print in color. 
  4. Enter your Hostos username and password (this is the same username and password as for your Hostos email).
  5. Your print job will not come out until you swipe your ID or sign in at a printer! 
  6. WE HAVE TWO KINDS OF PRINTERS DOWNSTAIRS. You can use either kind.

    We have two small white printers by the windows that look like this:

    small white printer

For the small white printers:

  • Swipe your ID card OR enter your username and password on the screen.
  • The screen will show you how much money is left in your account (see below for more info on the money).
  •  Tap on "print release" to see your print jobs.
  • Either hit "print all", or choose the print jobs you want and then hit "print".

small printer display: print release

We also have a large black photocopier that can release your print jobs. It looks like this (and there are many more upstairs):

  1. large photocopier printer

Either swipe your ID card or type your username and password on the front panel.

printer display with pharos print circled

After you log in, choose "PHAROS/PRINT" to see your print jobs and release them.

🖨 How much does it cost to print or copy, and how much money do I have for printing?

  • If you are taking courses for credit (and paying the tech fee) $50 of the tech fee is put into your account by IT at the start of the semester. (IT wipes out the balance at the end of the semester, so you can't carry it over.)
  • If you are in CUNY Start, CLIP, College Now, and Early College (Lincoln Academy and HERO) you will be given $10 each semester.
  • Black and white pages cost 10 cents each. Color pages cost more (15-30 cents per page).
  • Double-sided printing: the default for most programs is to print on both sides, to save you money and to conserve paper. If you prefer to print only on one side, you can choose one-sided printing from the print options menu.
  • You can add money to your card using the machine upstairs in the Reserves Room. Please be careful when you add money, to make sure it goes into your printing account and not the cafeteria account!