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Reference: Opening

Guides for Troubleshooting the Technology used in the library.

Opening tasks & procedure

The following outcomes should be met (tasks completed) by the time the library is ready to open--

Note- If a tech tutor arrives before the librarian, s/he should begin the task list outlined below.



Associated Tasks


Lights on

  • Turn on the lights in the main reading room.

  • Turn on the lights in the ILC.

  • Report any electrical and lighting issues to facilities and/or Amam.

Kiosk Computers on

  • Turn on the kiosks (be sure both the monitor and the CPU under the desk are on).

  • Restart any kiosks that aren’t working (press the button on the CPU under the desk).

  • If kiosks don’t turn on, double-check that they are plugged in at the wall, and that the cords are not loose.

  • If kiosks show error messages even after restarting, or won’t turn on, email Jason and Kate noting the kiosk number (indicated on the kiosk) and call IT to report the problem- x6646.

ILC PCs, printers, scanner and copy machine on

  • Turn on PCs (both the monitors and the CPUs). If the CPUs were on, restart the PCs.

  • Turn on printers, copy machine, scanner.

  • In the case of error messages, first try restarting the equipment.

  • Software installed on the PCs restore their default configurations and erase any personal info users may have saved, when the PC is restarted. This should be run at least once/day.

  • In the event of hardware/software failure, email Jason & Kate, noting the problem, and post an Out of Order sign on the PC.

Supplies replenished

  • Ensure copy machine and printer trays are full.

  • Refill staples, paper clips, etc.

  • Report any need for supply orders to Kate & Amam.

Area neat & organized

  • Pick up any books left on tables, USBs left in PCs, toss away stray papers left on desks. Check that bathrooms and other areas are clean and functional.

  • Call public safety to pick up users’ lost items & email the user when possible.

  • Report floods and/or unsanitary conditions to facilities.

Reference staff present and ready

  • Check tech tutor schedule.

  • Open transaction app, etc.

  • Email/text Kate & Amam if a tech tutor is late.

Be attentive to upstairs staffing

  • Keep an eye on the clock and double-check upstairs that all areas are open and staffed.

  • Work with Amam or other staff in the library in the unlikely event that upstairs staff is late. Try to provide as much service as possible.