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Guide for staff working at the Reference Desk or on LibChat

Finders Keepers (not in this case)

When you find an item, or if someone else in the library turns in a lost item, please follow the procedures below.

Step 1: Call Public Safety to retrieve the Item

  • Call public safety (x6888). You can ask them to send an officer to retrieve lost & found items.
  • It is especially important that items of value like phones, ID cards and wallets, are immediately given to public safety.

Step 2: Email the student if possible

If the item has any identifying information for the student (ID card, cell phone, etc), please look up the student's email address in the phone book and send the student an email alerting him/her that you found her/his item. Here is the email to use:

Dear <Insert Student's Name>,

Good Evening!

Your <Insert Lost Item Description, for example "Hostos Student ID"> was found in the Library and was turned in to Security on <Insert the date/time, for example "Wednesday evening- 4/23 at 7pm)">.

Please check for it with the dispatcher in Room 030 in Building C.


<Insert your name>

What the student can expect when they visit Lost and Found

Public Safety has a database of items that they've retrieved. Students will not be able to look through a box of physical items but will need to help the officer search the database by accurately describing the item. If the student knows the date/time the item was turned into public safety it will immensly help them find the item in public safety's database of lost items.