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Reference: Hostos Email Help

Guides for Troubleshooting the Technology used in the library.

Step 1

Students need their Hostos email usernames and passwords for a variety of services on campus: to login for printing and copying at the library and the Academic Computing Center, to access campus wifi, to register for library, EdTech, career services and a variety of other workshops on campus. They also need it to add money to their ID cards if they need additional funds for printing and copying (their ID card funds can also be used around campus for a variety of purposes, including the vending machines and to pay at the cafeteria).

When students don't know their email usernames and passwords, first take them to the webmail homepage-

Then click the word "Student" to look up their username. Even if they know their usernames, it is good to confirm that they are correct, and to confirm their identity if they do need their password reset.

* If students say their passwords suddenly stopped working, it might be because their password expired (happens every 90 days). In this case, if the student tries to log in with their expired password, they'll be prompted to reset their password.

Step 2