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Library Resources & Services

Supporting Your Online Courses

Library Instruction Sessions - We are working on options for delivering library instruction virtually. Contact the library teaching coordinator ( or your disciplinary library liaison (see listing on the liaison page of this guide).

Also see our faculty toolkit for ideas on activities to strengthen your students' research skills and information literacy. 

Textbook Readings - Please remember that, due to campus closure, students no longer have access to the textbooks in the Library's Reserve Collection.

  • Upload chapters of your commercial textbook to Blackboard - you can scan individual chapters that will be required for your course, and upload these to Blackboard for your students. NOTE: you may upload only one chapter at a time, and take down the previous chapter before posting a new reading. Check out the Library's Reserve Scanning Project

  • Locate an "Open Educational Resource" alternative to your textbook - If you're in a position to consider different course materials, please note that we currently have 24 ZTC/OER textbooks that are freely available here. Also, check out these resources for finding OER materials.

Streaming Films from Kanopy - an online service with over 30,000 documentaries, classic and indie films

  • Go to Kanopy at:
  • You may see an orange LOG IN TO HOSTOS button; use your 16-digit Hostos ID barcode to log in; if it doesn't recognize your account, email
  • Do some searching
  • When you find a good film:
    • It may appear with a play button in the middle of the screen; if so, this is a film that Hostos Library already subscribes to; simply share the full URL of that page in Blackboard
    • If there's no play button, and you see the message "Hostos Community College -- City University of New York doesn't offer [title of film] right now," you can either fill out the request form there, or contact the acquisitions librarians. Hostos Library will license Kanopy films requested by faculty for one year for educational purposes, funds permitting. Once approved, we'll send you a link that can be embedded into Blackboard
  • Currently available for free on Kanopy: Great Courses and selected "Spotlight" titles from participating studios.
  • Viewers will need to log in with their 16-digit Hostos ID barcode; if it doesn't recognize their account, they should email; Kanopy films can be viewed on smart phones, tablets, laptops or smart TVs.

Linking to Hostos Library Database Materials - If you find items in the Library's subscription databases, you can add links into Blackboard that students can use with their library logins.

How to find subscription materials:

  1. Use the OneSearch tool with keywords related to your course content.
  2. When prompted to login, use your 16-digit Hostos ID barcode; if it doesn't recognize your account, email
  3. Click on "Full Text Online" from the right-hand column to narrow results to online sources.
  4. Use other right-column filters to further narrow your search.

How to build a link:

  1. The beginning of your link will be the HCC "proxy string" ( ).
  2. From the OneSearch results page, click on the ellipses (...) next to your item.
  3. Click on the "Permalink" button to generate the link; press "COPY THE PERMALINK TO CLIPBOARD."
  4. Paste the permalink at the end of the proxy string. Example:

OneSearch result with ellipses

OneSearch result with permalink

POD Online open virtual (simulation) labs (biology and other sciences) - This is a collection of great  resources for open/free virtual simulations. They welcome addition of new resources if you find others. Click on the link below.

From CUNY Central: Open Educational Resources and Online Zero-Cost Learning - Created by Librarians at the CUNY Office of Library Services, this site is a portal to directly access individual CUNY campus' resources and information. This site will also provide information and assistance from the Office of Library Services on CUNY-wide library resources..

Free New York Times access - Anyone affiliated with CUNY can set up a free account using their Hostos email address.