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EDU 105 - Social Studies for Young Children - Textbook

Module 3 - Part 3

Using New York City as a Social-Studies Resource/ Field-Trip Planning

Work by Sherese Mitchell and Jacqueline M. DiSanto is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will write a field-trip plan.

What to Include in Your Field Trip Assignment

This field-trip plan must be related to one of the thematic strands not covered in the lesson plans done in Module 3/Part 2. Additional thematic strands can be founds in the Course Documents tab.

  • Letter requesting permission to take class on field trip addressed to principal.  It must include:
    • Grade Level
    • Rationale:
      • Why did you select this trip? 
      • Why is this social studies (you may use the Ten Themes)?
    • Objectives
      • What specifically will the students be able to do as a result of going on this trip?
    • Cost and fees associated with trip
    • How much will transportation and admission cost?
    • Be sure to specify how many classes will be in attendance.
    • How many adults are necessary?   Include the cost of all adults as well.
    • Where will the students have lunch and what will it cost?

  • Visit the location (either in person or via the Internet) 
    • Include a brochure from the actually location.
  • Parental-Permission Form for the specific trip you are planning (may use one from the Internet)
  • Vocabulary Words related to this this trip
    • Remember that the NYS standards require that students gain new vocabulary that demonstrates an increase in sophisticated language.
  • One additional website that will help you learn more about the trip 
  • Describe the site(s) and what each has to offer; give reference information
  • One engaging post-trip writing activity
    • What writing activity will the children do after the trip to make it more meaningful as opposed to just a fun day away from school?
    • How will the five new vocabulary words from this trip be used in the activity?
    • Explain exactly what would be done and how the students might respond.

      Identify the New York State Standard(s) for Writing addressed in this activity (see reference materials provided on BlackBoard).  You may not use the wording of the standard to describe your activity.