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EDU 105 - Social Studies for Young Children - Textbook

Community Studies: Chapters 1 - 5

  • What is a community?
  • How are communities alike?
  • How are communities different?
  • How can we show where things are located inside communities?
  • How can we compare communities?
  • How do people use the environment of their community?
  • How do people change the environment of their community?
  • How does scarcity affect people?
  • How can people make good economic choices?
  • How do people use resources to produce goods and services?
  • Why do people trade?
  • Why do people need community governments?
  • What do community governments do?
  • How are community governments organized?
  • What responsibilities do citizens have in a community?
  • What is history?
  • How can we learn about the past?
  • What role do people play in creating history?
  • What changes in a community over time?