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ENG 110 Prof Gregory Darling Spring 2020

This guide will assist students in completing their Annotated Bibliography Assignment

How to Search for Articles in Google

You can use Google to search a specific newspaper or news magazine website.

In Google, you can search any website with the word site + a colon : + the URL of the main website, followed by your keywords.

Google site: search

For example:

Google search for black lives matter


google search transgender rights

Some news publications that your professor will accept (if you want to use a different magazine not on this list, ask him first if it will be acceptable!)

Publication                                        website URL

The New York Times             

National Public Radio            

The New Yorker                     


The Wall Street Journal       

The Atlantic                            

The Nation                              

The Washington Post             


In Google, you can also limit the dates of your search:

click tools to get date menu


click tools to get to menu

custom date box