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ENG 110 Prof Gregory Darling Spring 2020

This guide will assist students in completing their Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Sources for your annotated bibliography

 The following types of sources are allowed for this annotated bibliography:
• Sources found using either OneSearch or a database on the library website, including
• Webpages with a .gov address
You may NOT use the following types of sources:
• .com websites (other than the news sources listed above)
• Blogs
• Wikipedia
• Personal anecdotes

To get started on your search, develop a good list of starting keywords - see the video below for helpful tips!


How to Create Effective Keywords


Keywords - what are they, why do they save you time?


Three steps for developing keywords:
(1) Pull out the important words from your topic and questions you may have.
(2) Look at each word: is it a KEY CONCEPT? Does it DESCRIBE my idea, by itself?  If it's not clear, come up with a better word that does describe that key concept.
(3) Think about words that people who write about these issues might use.