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ENG 110 Prof Gregory Darling Spring 2020

This guide will assist students in completing their Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Activate Your ID to Access Databases

NEW - for Fall 2020! To access the online articles and e-books from the library databases, use your CUNYfirst username (first.last99) and password.

  • NOTE: if you are in a special program that does not have a CUNY login, please contact for instructions.

What are reference resources and how should I use them?

Two methods to find reference articles

Reference articles - please see the video above for more information on what a reference article is and how it can help you! 

Here are two different ways to find reference articles.

1. Using a reference article-only database

You can use a database like Gale Virtual Reference Library or Credo

Find it on the library homepage, for example:

find GVRL on Databases A-Z dropdown menu

Search with your keywords, and select an article from your results.


2. Use OneSearch to find reference articles 

In OneSearch, to limit your results to reference articles, use the "resource type" filter on the right and select "Reference Resources".

resource type filter on the right

PLEASE NOTE: this list is arranged A-Z. If you don't see the words "Reference Resources" you need to click on "show more" to see the whole list.

show more

reference resources circled