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ENG 110 Prof Gregory Darling Spring 2020

This guide will assist students in completing their Annotated Bibliography Assignment

How to Do A Basic Search to Locate Ebooks and online articles

(1) Go to OneSearch.  OneSearch searches through many kinds of documents, including books, magazines, academic journals, newspapers, videos, and more. 
(2) You can search by title, author’s name, or keywords (for more on creating effective keywords, please see the video on the right).   

OneSearch home

(3). You can choose the kind of thing you want under “Resource Type” - books, book chapters, reference articles, news articles, and more.
If you can't see the whole list, click on "show more".

results in onesearch

How do I use an ebook?

To read an e-book, click on "full text available" from the results view:

example of an ebook result

Once you get to the book, take a look at the information before you. 

Ebook example

Once you click on "read online", you'll see something like this (all publishers are different, so yours may look slightly different). You can pick a chapter, or do a word search. 

ebook word search

navigation in an ebook