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PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology - Textbook

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Introduction to Psychology

Compiled by Kate Wolfe

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the etymology of the word “psychology
  • Define psychology
  • Understand the merits of an education in psychology
  • Understand the importance of Wundt and James in the development of psychology
  • Appreciate Freud’s influence on psychology
  • Understand the basic tenets of Gestalt psychology
  • Appreciate the important role that behaviorism played in psychology’s history
  • Understand basic tenets of humanism
  • Understand how the cognitive revolution shifted psychology’s focus back to the mind
  • Appreciate the diversity of interests and foci within psychology
  • Understand basic interests and applications in each of the described areas of psychology
  • Demonstrate familiarity with some of the major concepts or important figures in each of the described areas of psychology
  • Understand educational requirements for careers in academic settings
  • Understand the demands of a career in an academic setting
  • Understand career options outside of academic settings"
  • Describe Contemporary Perspectives in Psychology


Click on the links below to access the assigned reading.

     1.1 What Is Psychology?
     1.2 History of Psychology
     1.3 Contemporary Psychology
     1.4 Careers in Psychology


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