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Research 101

Finding News Articles in the Library's Databases using OneSearch

Hostos Library provides online access to many newspapers.

Finding Newspaper Article using OneSearch

You can search for news articles in OneSearch by searching and then going to the "Resource Type" filters on the side and clicking on "Newspaper Articles."  If you don't see Newspaper Articles listed, click on "Show More" in order to see the full list. Please make sure you click on Newspaper Articles and not something that looks similar! 

screenshot of OneSearch resource types
Image 01: Screenshot of OneSearch filters, Resource Type section, with Newspaper Articles highlighted.


Filtering Newspaper Article using OneSearch

When searching for a newspaper using the databases associated with OneSearch, the following options are available

Optional to choose a date range.

You can enter the dates you want in the date filter on the side.

screenshot of date filter
Image 02: Screenshot of the date filter allowing you to limit newspaper articles by year of publication


Optional to choose specific newspapers to include or exclude.

If you hover over the name of a newspaper, two boxes will appear next to each title. If you check the open boxes on the left side, that tells OneSearch to only include results from those titles. If you check the red boxes with a line through them on the right side, that tells OneSearch to exclude results from those titles.

Screenshot of journal title list

Image 03: Screenshot of newspaper title's in OneSearch with "The New York Times" selected. A blank check box to the left of the title is present, and a red box with a line through it is present on the right of the title.


Additional Information: Locating Newspapers outside OneSearch

We also have newspapers in or databases. Please visit A - Z Databases Newspapers for a list of newspaper databases. Some of our academic databases also include newspapers. For instance, in Academic Search Complete, you can select "Newspaper" to filter your results just for newspaper articles. 

Database Filter for Newspapers
Image 04: Screenshot of a database with "Publication Type," and "Newspaper" encircled.

Use Google to Search within a Specific Newspaper

Searching within a Particular Website with Google

Many websites, even good ones, have less-than-excellent ways to search within their webpages. Google tends to do a better job searching within websites than other services.

To search within a particular website, type site:[site URL] without spaces then add a single space before typing in your keywords.

For example:

site: weather

screenshot of search for transgender portrayals television
Image 01: Screenshot of the Google search bar with " transgender protrayals television" entered.


More Search Options with Google

For more advanced Google searching tips, visit our Advanced Google Searching page.