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Research 101

Using Google Scholar

About Google Scholar

Google, as you know, searches websites that are available on the open web. Google Scholar searches for scholarly publications exclusively. 

Setting Up Google Scholar

Most of the scholarly articles available on Google Scholar can only be read if you belong to an institution that subscribes to the journal, so you need to let Google Scholar know that you are a Hostos student/faculty/staff member.

On-campus and with a Hostos computer:

Google Scholar should recognize that the computer belongs to Hostos, and you should not need to do anything extra to gain access.

Off-campus and/or using a non-Hostos computer

Visit the A-Z Database page, and select Google Scholar.

When you go through our database page, Google Scholar should recognize the articles that Hostos can access. Look for articles which say, "Fulltext at Hostos" or "Full View", as those are available to you.

How To Use Google Scholar

Video: How To Use Google Scholar from the Idaho State University Libraries