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Research 101

A Website Asked Me To Pay For An Article

If you’re asked online to pay for an article, DON’T! Hostos Library can get you the article for free, either through our own access or through Interlibrary Loan.

To check whether Hostos Library has access to the article, or whether you will need to request that article through Interlibrary Loan, follow these steps. 

1. Search Google Scholar.

If you are on campus, come through the Library Database Page, or if you are using your own computer and have added Hostos Library to your Google Scholar Library Links, look for the link to Hostos to the right of the article title. 

Google Scholar results list

2. Search in the E-Journals List for the publication in which the article appeared.

If you don't find the article in Google Scholar, but you know the journal title, search for the publication in the library e-journal finder (Library Home Page > Find Library Materials > E-Journal Finder). If you find the publication, you can then search within it for the article.

3. If we do not have the article in online, request it through Interlibrary Loan.

Do not pay for individual articles - you are already paying for access with your Hostos tuition. 

Questions? Ask a Librarian!