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HIS 211 - U.S. History: Reconstruction to the Present - Textbook

Video: Terrorism, War, and Bush

This video teaches you about the tumultuous 2000s in the United States of America, mainly the 2000s that coincide with the presidency of George W. Bush. From the controversial election in 2000, to the events of 9/11 and Bush’s prosecution of the War on Terror, the George W. Bush presidency was an eventful one. You will learn about Bush’s domestic policies like tax cutting, education reform, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The event that came to pass during Bush’s presidency are still very much affecting the United States and the world today.


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  • Terrorism, War, and Bush 43: Crash Course US History #46. Provided by: Crash Course. Located at Rights ReservedLicense Terms: Standard YouTube License