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CLIP - Growth or Fixed Mindsets: Books and articles from the library

Using OneSearch to find books and newspapers

Here are some readings that you can start with.

These e-books are from the Hostos Library, found by using OneSearch on the library website:

Search box from front page of library website

Here are two ebooks,  found by searching for "growth mindset" and then using the filters on the right to find BOOKS. 
resource type
growth mindset search for books
Both were written for teachers.
In each e-book, you can search for the phrase "growth mindset"
Here are many articles from the library's collection of the Times Educational Supplement, found by searching for "growth mindset" and then using the resource type filter on the side to limit to newspaper articles, and then using the journal title filter to limit to the Times Educational Supplement:
journal title
Click on "Show More" for full list:
full title list
OneSearch results for growth mindset in the Times Educational Supplement

Academic OneFile database

database box

onefile header

onefile advanced search

onefile lexile list one

onefile lexile list 2

Higher levels are more advanced English, lower levels are easier to read.