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CLIP - Growth or Fixed Mindsets: Choose a research question

Research question

You have a choice of three research questions for this assignment: 
(1) How much does students' having a growth mindset affect how well they will learn?
  • If you choose this question, you will write an "argument" paper. 
  • After you have done some more reading, choose ONE of these statements to defend: 
    • Students' having a growth mindset makes an important difference in how well they will learn. 
    • OR
    • Students' having a growth mindset does not make an important difference in how well they will learn.
  • In your paper, you will need to support your argument with information from what you read.
OR (2) What are the differences in behaviors and habits of students with a fixed mindset and students with a growth mindset? 
  • If you choose this question, you will write a "comparison" paper.
  • Find out what researchers and teachers have said and write a paper that compares and contrasts students with different mindsets. 
  • Comparing how students would approach the same kind of challenge would be more interesting than just having separate lists of behaviors and habits.
  • Your paper should incorporate ideas and examples from what you read. 
OR (3)  What can teachers do to help students develop a growth mindset? 
  • If you choose this question you will write a "problem-solution" paper (the problem being that not enough students have a growth mindset).
  • You should be specific, and include ideas and examples from what you read
  • You should explain how and why the things that teachers do help to develop a growth mindset

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