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English Language Learners - Resources: Practice Reading English

Graphic novels

Graphic novels are stories told in words and pictures.  In the past, some people thought that graphic novels, or comics, are just for children, but that isn't true.  Today, there are many graphic novels that are written for adult readers. Here are just a few of the graphic novels available at the Hostos Library:

Bilingual news stories

Logo for Al Dia newsAl Día News is a bilingual news site based in Philadelphia. You can compare the English and Spanish versions of the same stories (please note, it is possible not every story is in both languages, but most seem to be.)

Oxford Bookworms

Oxford Bookworms books are short books to read for pleasure and to practice your English!  The books are graded by English level.

Many of the stories have been re-written from longer English works.  They are shorter versions, and written in English that is easier to understand, with fewer vocabulary words.  

The stories in the hardest level (”Collections”) have not been edited or re-written, but the books include some explanations of

  • Learn more about the Oxford Bookworms by clicking here.
  • Read samples of each book level by clicking on the pdf link at the bottom of this box.

Where can I find the Bookworms?

The Oxford Bookworms books are at the back of the main reading room.  They are by the windows.  They are also next to other books about English grammar and writing:




News in simplified English

The Times in Plain English is a great way to read news stories that have been re-written in clear language for English Language Learners.  The website is free and includes articles from about nine well-respected newspapers.


News in Levels also re-writes news stories in clear language for English Language Learners. It has more TV news and video than articles from newspapers.  

Each article has three levels from easiest to hardest, and the writers explain some new words in each article.

Books That Grow

If your teacher is using Books that Grow, just click here to sign into your account.

If you don't already have an account, you can make one for free.

Books that Grow  offers a wide variety of books you can read for free on your computer, including fiction, folktales, and historical documents.

One great feature is that you can change the English level of the book as you're reading it, to make it easier or more difficult to read. Try it out!


Townsend Press Learning Center

Townsend Press has some multiple choice quizzes that allow you to test out your vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension.