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PSY 180 - Psychology of Aging - Summer - Textbook

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PSY 180 Psychology of Aging

Compiled by Stacey Cooper

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The Secret to Successful Aging

"The Secret to Successful Aging" by Cathleen Toomey is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

The good news is, we are living longer — and with advances in health care, older adults are living healthier, more fulfilling lives than previous generations. So what's the secret to embracing our next chapter, and to even look forward to it? Cathleen Toomey shares the secret to successful aging, in an uplifting and funny talk that people of all ages will relate to. Cathleen Toomey is branding professional who has helped build such NH brands as Timberland, Stonyfield Farm and UNH, and cut her teeth in ad agency work in New York City and Boston. In the last 10 years, Cathleen has been responsible for sales and marketing for RiverWoods, a nationally-accredited Continuing Care Retirement Community, as their VP of Marketing. A former non-profit board member for CrossRoads House, Prescott Park Arts Festival and Exeter Chamber of Commerce, she currently focuses her volunteer efforts with St. Vincent de Paul of Exeter.