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ENV 110 - Environmental Sciences I

Course Introduction

Forest on a sunny day

Required Readings

Additional Materials

Ecological Footprint Calculator:

U.S. Carbon Emissions Grew in 2022, Even as Renewables Surpassed Coal: Emissions ticked up 1.3 percent last year as they continued to rebound from early pandemic lows. See report:

"The Last 8 Years Were the Hottest on Record" New York Times article available here

**As a CUNY student, you can access a free digital subscription to the New York Times using your Hostos email address. Sign up using your Hostos email address here:


Chapters 1, Flow of Energy; Chapter 2, Cycling of Matter
Source: AP Environmental Science by University of California, University of California College Prep
License: CC BY 2.0

Ecological Footprint Calculator
Source: Global Footprint Network, © 2003 - 2023 Global Footprint Network

Preliminary US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimates for 2022
Source: Rhodium Group, Copyright © 2023 Rhodium Group, LLC

The Last 8 Years Were the Hottest on Record
Source: The New York Times, © 2023   The New York Times Company