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CAP 203 The Power of Storytelling

Capstone- ZTC


Welcome to the Storytelling Capstone. In this guide you'll find all the readings & multimedia resources you'll need for the course, which is designated ZTC (zero textbook course). All of the required readings and multimedia resources for this course are available for free to students enrolled in the course. Some of the materials are freely available online and some are available through the college's library's collections.

Course Description

Combining interdisciplinary elements, particularly from linguistics and information science, this capstone course will take a critical look at how storytelling has the power to shape and preserve culture. First, students will explore the tools that make up narrative discourse. Through inquiry and self-reflection students will analyze and interpret the societal and cultural aspects of stories from around the world. Then, they will discuss the power structures involved in disseminating and preserving stories. Finally, for their capstone project, they will have the opportunity to develop their own authorial voices and develop a personal narrative that speaks to their identity and explores individual, historical, and cultural narratives. Moreover, students will learn how effective storytelling can benefit/ enhance their academic and professional careers.The instructors will identify venues to give students the opportunity to share their stories with a wider audience.