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POL 101 - American Government - Textbook

Resources supporting POL 101 students at Hostos Community College.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the foundations of the dual court system and the federal court system
  • To comprehend the structure of the Supreme Court and its procedures
  • To assess the strength and weaknesses of the originalist approach and the evolutionary approach to judicial decision-making
  • To evaluate the wide-ranging impact of Supreme Court power of judicial review on public policy

American Government Textbook (OpenStax)

Judiciary & Supreme Court (HarvardXEdX Lecture)

Click on the video below or this link for the assigned media:

Video lecture by Harvard Professor, Thomas Patterson, on Judiciary & Supreme Court available on YouTube and his HarvardX/EdX page.

A Conversation on the Constitution: Judicial Interpretation (Annenberg Classroom)

Click on the video below or this link for the assigned media:

Object Anyway (RadioLab, WNYC)

Click on the video below or this link for the assigned media:

Screenshot of James Batson for the audio broadcast More Perfect from WNYC.