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POL 101 - American Government - Textbook

Resources supporting POL 101 students at Hostos Community College.

Learning Outcomes

  • To identify the characteristics of reputable and trustworthy media sources to use in your coursework
  • To know the basic library research skills you will be asked to practice this semester

Did You Hear About . . . the Pregnant Spider?

How to Choose Your News (TED-Ed)

Click on the video below or this link for the assigned media:

Video Titled "How to Choose Your News" from TedEd












A Finder's Guide to Facts (NPR)

Are we really in a post-truth era? Somebody on the Internet said so. Many people,actually.

The presidential campaign was filled with falsehoods. Our president-elect no longer poses as a truth-teller: Aides and supporters say we should not take him literally. That's good for him, since he endorsed a conspiracy theory that cast doubt on his own election. . . Click on the link below to access the assigned reading.

Fall 2020 Orientation video (Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College Library)

Searching Databases and Google

Academic Journal? Scholarly Article? Article Database? (Lehman Library)

Peer Reviewed Articles