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"There Ain’t No Buses from San Juan to the Bronx", in Sponsored Migration: The State and Puerto Rican Postwar Migration to the United States by Edgardo Melendez, is made available by Knowledge Unlatched under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.

There ain't no buses from San Juan to the Bronx

There Ain't No Buses from San Juan to the Bronx

Postwar Migration and Air Transportation

by Edgardo Meléndez


PUERTO RICAN postwar migration is the first airborne migration in American history: this notion is a staple of most textbooks and studies dealing with Puerto Rican migration. Today, notions like la guagua aérea (the airbus) or the more scholarly concepts of the “commuter nation” or “the nation on the move” reflect the commonly accepted idea that moving by air from Puerto Rico to the United States is a common, safe, and affordable practice.

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