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Hostos Reads!: How to Think (2018-19)

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About Hostos Reads!

Hostos Reads! is a year-long common reading project designed to foster a spirit of inquiry and community across disciplines and across campus.  We welcome anyone who works or studies at Hostos to join the Hostos Reads! community. 

How to Think

"Thinking is hard, really hard, and there are a thousand forces at work preventing us from doing it. But we can all think better. And if we learn to think together, then maybe we can learn to live together too."

Key themes:

  • the dangers of thinking against others
  • the need to find the best people to think with
  • the error of believing that we can think for ourselves
  • how thinking can be in conflict with belonging
  • the dangers of words that do our thinking for us



Spring 2019 events

Spring 2019 Schedule:

Discussion groups (3:30-4:30 in room B413):


Monday, February 11

Wednesday, March 13

Thursday, May 2



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Hostos Reads!  co-facilitators

Silvia Reyes, Director, Title V

Lisa Tappeiner, Librarian

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