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EDU 113 - Field Experience in Early Childhood Education - Textbook


  • Students will be able to develop an e-Portfolio following on specific guidelines.

 Create your ePortfolio.  It must include:

  • A title page with your full name and a picture of yourself dressed professionally
  • Your resume
  • Three letters of reference
  • Any certificates you have earned
  • Your philosophy (proofread it again to be sure it has absolutely no mistakes in it)
  • A well-done lesson plan (it can be from any EDU course, including EDU 113)
  • Your tactual resource for the lesson plan (this is for extra credit)
  • Your Child Study
  • A photograph of your field-experience classroom (you can include children's work--just be sure there are no names or faces in it)
  • Any other projects, papers, examples of your writing, lesson plans, thematic units, and/or tactual resources that you created completely on your own