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EDU 113 - Field Experience in Early Childhood Education - Textbook


EDU 113

Field Experience in Early Childhood Education

Adapted by Jacqueline M. DiSanto

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Addressing Standards and Themes / Using Content Areas to Teach Language Arts and Math

  • Students will be able to create activities across the content areas that support skill development addressed in the state standards in ELA/Literacy and Math.

1.  Next Generation Learning Standards will be replacing the Common Core School Standards.  New York State has a great deal of information available on its website (  After completing the readings, spend a few minutes online researching why the standards have been revised and renamed.  Post the reason and what you think about the change on Discussions under Unit 2 Common Core versus Next Generation Learning Standards.  You MUST:

  • a.  Give the website you use for your research.
  • b.  Provide information from the website to support your opinion.
  • c.  Respond to two other people's posts.  If we get a conversation* going, I will give everyone in the class 5 extra points toward the first exam.

 (*A conversation is when everyone interacts with sentences and not just "Good comment!"; and when someone responds to someone's response).



2.  Choose one of the seven PreK Reading Standards:  Foundational Skills/Print Concepts on page 11 of  Write an activity that could be used with PreK students to work on developing the skills discussed in that standard.  You can search online to get more information on the standard.  You can ask your supervising teacher for help with this if you want.  Post the standard and your activity on Discussions, under Unit 2 PreK Reading Standards.