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Research 101 (older version): Printing and photocopying

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Questions about printing/photocopying and money

HOW MUCH does it cost to print or copy, and how much money do I have for printing?


Students taking courses for credit and paying the tech fee) have $50 each semester for printing and copying.


Students in CUNY Start, CLIP, College Now, and Early College (Lincoln Academy and HERO) have $10 each semester.


Please note: your print/copy account will be emptied by IT at the end of each semester, so you can't carry over money from term to term.


Each black and white page costs 10 cents. Each color page costs more (15-30 cents per page).

Printing in the library defaults to printing both sides of the paper, to save you money and to conserve paper. If you prefer to print only on one side, you can choose one-sided printing from the print options menu.


You can add money to your card if you need to by using the machine on the top floor of the library, in the Reserves Room (room with the photocopiers). Please be careful when you add money, to make sure it goes into your printing account and not the cafeteria account.

I need to look up my Hostos username

1. Go to the Hostos email website at You will see this screen:

Look up username

Click on "lookup your student username". It will take you to this form:

Look up username form page

Enter the last 6 numbers of your social security number (if you do not have a social security number, use the number that the registrar gave you to use for that purpose.)

Username results screenshot

Your "user ID" is the same thing as your "Hostos username" - use this to print.

More information on copying and printing procedures

See the whole list of our policies on printing and copying here

I need to change my Hostos password

1. Go to Hostos Webmail at and click on "Forgot your password?" 

Forgot password?

You will be taken to this screen:

Self Service Password Management log-in page


Click on "change password" and follow the directions. You will have to choose some security questions to register (for example, "What is your mother's maiden name?" "What is your pet's name?" etc.):

TIPS for choosing good security questions and answers:

  • Pick answers that will never change (things like "favorite hobby" or "favorite movie" might be different two years from now!)
  • Pick answers that you will always spell exactly the same way, with same capitalization. The system is very picky - if you answer "What city were you born in?" with "NYC"  you must always remember to type "NYC" and not "N.Y.C." or "nyc" or "New York City" or "new york city" etc. 
  • The IT system is set so that you will have to change passwords every 90 days - consider picking a password you can update easily (e.g., SpecificThingILikeAug2018 can be changed to SpecificThingILikeNov2018 when you need to update)


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COVID-19 Fall 2020 - how to print

While classes are online and most spaces on campus are closed, here is information from Hostos IT about how you can print:

The college has created a temporary “Print/Copy Site” in the C building on the ground floor.

 In order to comply with the CUNY Safe Campus guidelines, the location has been set up with 12 socially-distanced workstations and one Color and one Black-and-White printer for our students.

 Appointments will be necessary in order to access this service.

 What will I need to use the printers?

 You will need at least your Hostos e-mail address, preferably your Hostos ID card, and funds available for Print/Copy in your Caiman Card account. The college assigns your account funds at the start of each semester to allow you to Print/Copy.

 What if I use up all of the college assigned funds?

 You can add more funds to your Caiman Card by either downloading the app or logging on to this website with your Hostos e-mail and password. Please note: for your initial deposit, you must log in to the website; you can use the app later for adding more funds or checking your account balance.

How do I sign up?

Please follow all the steps below, and at the end when you click “Confirm” you will receive an e-mail confirmation to your Hostos e-mail account which you will need to show to Public Safety and the IT/SCC staff in order to use the service.

 Start by selecting “Succeed@Hostos” in the Login To drop-down menu on our website

how to print step 1


how to print step 2


Enter your Hostos e-mail username/password in the field and click “Login” (Don’t know your username? Find it HERE )

how to print step 3

Scroll Down in the “My Success Network” page to find the “Student Computing Center (SCC)” and click on the “Schedule” link

how to print step 4

how to print step 5

 Select a date/time in the available appointments, and click “Continue”

covid print choose date



Verify your appointment information, and click “Confirm”

 how to print step 6



What should I know/have before I go to campus?

 Glad you asked! There are number of important things you need to know before you come to the campus.

  1. The Print/Copy site is located on the Ground Floor of the C Building (450 Grand Concourse) after you pass the turnstiles 

  2. Review the Safe Campus/Know Before You Go policies and procedures. This includes downloading and completing the Daily Symptom Checker via the CUNY Everbridge app the day of your appointment, and following all of the posted campus rules 

  3. You will be asked to show proof of your appointment, as well as your campus ID 

  4. After passing through the turnstiles, you must check in with the staff so that they can assign you to a workstation, which will be numbered 

  5. You MUST follow the building/floor signage such as the one-way arrows, social distancing floor markings, etc. as well as any verbal instructions by campus personnel 

  6. You will be asked to use a sanitizing wipe on the keyboard of the laptop after use, and hand sanitizer before releasing your print/copy material at the printers. The college has installed multiple dispensers which are conveniently accessible in the area 

  7. Appointments are 30 minutes. Please ensure you complete your work in that time. You may create additional appointments. You may be asked to clear a workstation if students are waiting for their appointment 

  8. You are responsible for the use of your Print/Copy funds. If you’re unsure on how to properly print/copy, please ask a Staff member *before* you try to release your job at the printer. No refunds will be issued unless it is due to a hardware issue.