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Research 101: Printing and photocopying

HOW do I print?

HOW do I print?

WI-FI Printing

Printing from a library computer:

1. Click under the "File" menu and select "Print" - OR - press Ctrl+P.

2. Make sure that "Hostos printers" is selected as the printer. For color printing - make sure your print settings are on color.

3. Enter your Hostos username and password (this is the same username and password as for your Hostos email)

4. Go to any printer or photocopier-printer of your choice to release your print job from the system.

Please note: for color printing, you must use either the black photocopier-printer downstairs or one of the two color-capable photocopier-printers upstairs. 


We have two small white printers by the windows that look like this:

small white printerTo print on these small white printers:

  • Either swipe your ID card or enter your username and password on the small screen embedded into the printer.
  • The screen will show you how much money is left in your account - matriculated students start off with $50 ready for you (this comes from the tech fee that you pay each term).
  • Students in CUNY Start, CLIP, College Now, and Early College have $10/semester.






small printer display: print releaseTap on "print release" to see your print jobs.

  • You can either hit "print all" to print everything, or you can click on the print jobs you want and then hit "print".





We also have a big machine that can both print and make photocopies. It looks like this (and there are many more upstairs):

large photocopier printerTo print on any photocopier-printer:

Either swipe your ID card or type your username and password on the front panel.




printer display - click on pharos printAfter you log in, choose "PHAROS/PRINT" to see your print jobs and release them.







Select your print jobs and hit "print" to send them to the printer. If you sent something by mistake, you can also select your print job and hit "delete".  

I need to look up my Hostos username

1. Go to the Hostos email website at  You will see this screen:

Look up username

Click on "lookup your student username". It will take you to this form:

Look up username form page

Enter the last 6 numbers of your social security number (if you do not have a social security number, use the number that the registrar gave you to use for that purpose.)

Username results screenshot

Your "user ID" is the same thing as your "Hostos username" - use this to print.

Questions about printing/photocopying and money

HOW MUCH does it cost to print or copy, and how much money do I have for printing?


Students taking courses for credit and paying the tech fee) have $50 each semester for printing and copying.


Students in CUNY Start, CLIP, College Now, and Early College (Lincoln Academy and HERO) have $10 each semester.


Please note: your print/copy account will be emptied by IT at the end of each semester, so you can't carry over money from term to term.


Each black and white page costs 10 cents. Each color page costs more (15-30 cents per page).

Printing in the library defaults to printing both sides of the paper, to save you money and to conserve paper. If you prefer to print only on one side, you can choose one-sided printing from the print options menu.


You can add money to your card if you need to by using the machine on the top floor of the library, in the Reserves Room (room with the photocopiers). Please be careful when you add money, to make sure it goes into your printing account and not the cafeteria account.

More information on copying and printing procedures

See the whole list of our policies on printing and copying here

I need to change my Hostos password

1. Go to Hostos Webmail at and click on "Forgot your password?" 

Forgot password?

You will be taken to this screen:

Self Service Password Management log-in page


Click on "change password" and follow the directions. You will have to choose some security questions to register (for example, "What is your mother's maiden name?" "What is your pet's name?" etc.):

TIPS for choosing good security questions and answers:

  • Pick answers that will never change (things like "favorite hobby" or "favorite movie" might be different two years from now!)
  • Pick answers that you will always spell exactly the same way, with same capitalization. The system is very picky - if you answer "What city were you born in?" with "NYC"  you must always remember to type "NYC" and not "N.Y.C." or "nyc" or "New York City" or "new york city" etc. 
  • The IT system is set so that you will have to change passwords every 90 days - consider picking a password you can update easily (e.g., SpecificThingILikeAug2018 can be changed to SpecificThingILikeNov2018 when you need to update)


WHERE can I print?

WHERE can I print or photocopy?


The library: A-308. Enter from the third floor of the A building, through the sliding doors.

Come downstairs and turn left to use computers in the room with the reference desk. These computers will connect to the print server better than the ones right at the bottom of the stairs. (Click here for library map.)

The computer lab: C-595. Enter from either the C or B building. The lab is located in the hallway that seems to connect the two buildings, across from the HALC tutoring center.

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