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ENG 110 Prof. Leanna McLennan Fall 2021

Reference articles (secondary sources)

Reference articles are good places to get an overview of a topic. (See this video if you'd like to learn more about what a reference article is and how it can help you).

Screenshot of OneSearch results with resource type filters highlighted


For this project, OneSearch, which searches multiple databases and all of our books and ebooks, can help you find articles that you can use. To find reference articles, use the "resource type" filter on the left and select "Reference Resources".


screenshot of resource type filters with "reference resources" circled






PLEASE NOTE: this list is arranged A-Z. If you don't see the words "Reference Resources" you need to click on "show more" to see the whole list.













Screenshot of OneSearch results list after reference resources filter has been selectedAfter you filter for reference sources, the results left will be reference resources. 

Each result will show you the name of the article or chapter, the name of the publication it is from, the date, and other key information. 



Screenshot of links to access article onlineWhen you click on "available online", you will be presented with options for reading:

These show the databases where we have the article. You can click on ANY of them to get to your article. 


For more options with using OneSearch, please see the slideshow below.


News: using Google to search within a specific newspaper

A Google trick! If you know a specific newspaper you want to search, sometimes Google searches it better than the newspaper website itself.


To search within a particular website, type [<--- notice no spaces there!] then a space, and then your keywords.

For this assignment, Prof. Michael recommends looking at articles in the New York Times. To use Google to search ONLY the NY Times website, you would write something like this example--of course using your own keywords relevant to your search, not best Bronx pizza.

google search that reads best Bronx pizza


You can limit the dates by clicking on the word "tools" underneath the search box:

screenshot showing tools menu on the right side below search box

After you click on "tools", you will now have two new menus--choose the one showing how you can select a date range:

If you choose "custom range" you can put in any kind of range: by year,month, or day (for example from 2016 to 2021, or from January 2020 to March 2020, or from April 10 2017 to April 16 2017)

custom date range menu showing calendar  and "from" and "to" boxes


  • there is no space between the colon after site and the URL,
  • but there is a space between site:www.URLof and your keywords

See here for more reasons why you might want to limit dates to a particular day, week, month, year, or range of years

You ccan also exclude all articles that include a certain word or words

Remember that as a CUNY student, you can get a free digital subscription to the New York Times - sign up using your Hostos email address.

News: searching papers in communities of color

Ethnic NewsWatch logoOne of our databases is called Ethnic Newswatch, and it's a great source for articles from newspapers that are or were published in communities of color and immigrant communities. 


News: finding more in the library's databases

Hostos Library provides online access to many newspapers.

You can searchscreenshot of resource types with newspaper articles highlighted for news articles in OneSearch by searching and then going to the "Resource Type" filters on the side and clicking on "Newspaper Articles". 

If you don't see Newspaper Articles listed, click on "Show More" in order to see the full list.

Please make sure you click on Newspaper Articles and not something that looks similar!







screenshot of date filter that says from 2020 to 2021


Optional to choose a date range: you can enter the dates you want in the date filter on the side.



screenshot of title list with open box on left of title and red box with line through it on right of title


Optional to choose specific newspapers to include or exclude: if you hover over the name of a newspaper, you will see two boxes next to each title. If you check the open boxes on the left side, that tells OneSearch to ONLY INCLUDE results from those titles.

If you check the red boxes with a line through them on the right side, that tells OneSearch to EXCLUDE results from those titles.



We also have newspapers in or databases--click here for a direct link to a list of our newspaper databases

Some of our academic databases also include newspapers - for instance, in Academic Search Complete, you can select "newspaper" to filter your results just for newspaper articles. 

Database Filter for Newspapers


More kinds of articles and book chapters in OneSearch