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ANTH 101 - Introduction to Anthropology - Textbook

OER Textbook for Anthropology 101, Hostos Community College

Doing Fieldwork

"My first experience with fieldwork as a student anthro-pologist took place in a small indigenous community in northeastern Brazil studying the Jenipapo-Kanindé of La-goa Encantada (Enchanted Lake). I had planned to conduct an independent research project on land tenure among members of the indigenous tribe and had gotten permis-sion to spend several months with the community. My Brazilian host family arranged for a relative to drive me to the rural community on the back of his motorcycle. . . ." Click on the link below to access the assigned reading.


"THE IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN LANGUAGE TO HUMAN CULTURE - Students in my cultural anthropology classes are required to memorize a six-point thumbnail definition of culture, which includes all of the features most anthropologists agree are key to its essence. Then, I refer back to the definition as we arrive at each relevant unit in the course. Here it is—with the key features in bold type. . . ." Click on the link below to access the assigned reading.


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