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FRE 101 - Elementary French I - Textbook

PDFs, embedded videos, and links to materials for beginning French.

Interactive Assignments

Hostos Students: Your teacher will send you a code to access a website called FlipGrid. The code will allow you to complete the following assignments:

  1. Mon arbre généalogique
    • Create a video where you do the following: Describe your family in French using the family tree that you already turned in. You may use pictures as well. Only use the vocabulary of the book and the verbs avoir and être, as we have done in class.
      For example introduce people in the following ways : Voici mon cousin. Il s'appelle Eric. Il est le fils de Terry et Angie. 
  2. Questions
    • Create a video where you do the following: You are going to ask and answer questions! Answer the questions of the last classmate who made a video, and then ask three of your own for the next student. Each of your questions should use another of your question words or mots intérrogatifs:  Qui, Quel, Où, Pourquoi, Comment, Quand *DO NOT USE WORDS THAT ARE NOT FROM OUR CLASS THAT ARE FROM GOOGLE TRANSLATE OR YOU WILL GET A ZERO.

French Teachers: FlipGrid is an easy to use online platform where you can get students to respond to questions through a discussion board or by recording videos. You can create a free teacher's login and the students only need to have the code that you send for the various assignments.