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FRE 101 - Elementary French I - Textbook

PDFs, embedded videos, and links to materials for beginning French.


died of boredomBienvenue! 

Welcome to Hostos Community College's FRE 101, Beginning French textbook. 


Chapitre 1: Salut - Lesson Materials

Interactive Assignments

Hostos Students: Your teacher will send you a code to access a website called FlipGrid. The code will allow you to complete the following assignments:

  1. BIENVENUE! WELCOME to French 101! 
    • Create a discussion post where you answer the following: What is your name? Is it your first semester at Hostos? What is your experience with French? Why do you want to learn (or learn more about) French? 
  2. Bonjour, je m'appelle...
    • Create a video where you answer the following: Tell your fellow students hello what your name is (je m’appelle ______________), that you are pleased to meet me (enchanté!) and where you are from (je suis de _____________)and what you study (je suis étudiant/e en _________________. (5-10m)

French Teachers: FlipGrid is an easy to use online platform where you can get students to respond to questions through a discussion board or by recording videos. You can create a free teacher's login and the students only need to have the code that you send for the various assignments.