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HLT 110 -- Intro to Community Health Education -- Prof. Vasquez-Iscan: Community Health Term Paper - Spring 2019

Assignment from Syllabus

Community Health Term Paper: You must select a risk behavior (e.g., smoking, practicing unsafe sex) OR a protective behavior (e.g., exercising, going for mammography) and address each of the following areas:

  1. Intro/ Public Health Importance
  2. Analysis of Social Epidemiology
  3. Analysis of Current Strategies to modify the behavior in a healthful direction
  4. Recommendations for an optimal public health strategy to modify the behavior
  5. Reference page

Find journal, newspaper, and magazine articles on your topic

Peer-review is a process of quality control where experts evaluate each other's work, provide comments, and recommend revisions before new research is published. Hostos Library licenses many databases that provide peer-reviewed, scientific articles. Many articles that describe publicly funded research are freely available through PubMed, the National Library of Medicine's database for medical research.

This list of library databases can help you locate peer-reviewed studies on a variety of topics related to community health.
These are key peer-reviewed journals in community health
Newspapers and Magazines


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diagram of the one search interface, showing that when you do a search you get a large number of results, but there are filters on the right hand side that can help you narrow it down. To get to the full text of an electronic source, you click on full text availalb. to find a physical book in the library, you look for the words available at, and then you'll see the location and call number, which is the number that tells you which shelf it's on.

Specialized reference sources for community health