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HLT 103 - Interpersonal Relations and Teamwork - Textbook: Welcome


Attribution & Licensing

HLT 103 Interpersonal Relations

Curated by Sherese A. Mitchell

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Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Unit 1: Introduction to Interpersonal Relationships

Students will be able to explain key concepts in communication and interpersonal theories.

Unit 2: Communication & Self

Students will be able to articulate important elements of her or his own self-concept and identity, and recognize how these affect interpersonal interactions.

Unit 3: Perceiving Others & Cultural Communication

Students will be able to demonstrate appreciation of the influences of cultural, class, gender, and other differences in communication and interpersonal relationships.

Unit 4: Language, Nonverbal Communication, Listening, & Emotions

Students will demonstrate increased competence, skill, and sensitivity in active listening, verbal and non-verbal expression.

Unit 5: Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships

Students will be able to utilize theoretical concepts to analyze dynamics of interpersonal communication in a variety of settings.

Unit 6: Constructive Conflict Resolution

Students will demonstrate understanding of steps in constructive conflict resolution, and recognize the difference between assertiveness and aggression.