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EDU 299 - Independent Study - Textbook

Learning Objective

  • Access and identify the information necessary and appropriate to the production of projects, such as course papers, reports, and portfolios. C2. Demonstrate awareness of different types of evidence and apply this evidence appropriately to a task.

  • You will have six weeks to write the first draft of your paper. This is a suggested outline. Your paper must have all parts, but you can write beyond the pages given (but no more than 10 pages in total).
  • Paragraph 1 Thesis statement (introduce your focus)
  • Pages 1-2 Explanation of the topic (define and explain)
  • Pages 3-4 Summary of literature (discuss the articles)
  • Page 5 Issue (explain problem, new development, or solution)
  • Page 6 Conclusion (revisit key points and address future plans


  • All quotes must be cited and referenced.
  • You will submit your paper through Assignmentson BlackBoard, where it will be checked for plagiarism.