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EDU 101 - Foundations of Education - Textbook

Course Learning Outcomes

Pieces of colored chalk

"Chalk laying on paper" by Daniel Watson, Unsplash is in the Public Domain, CC0

The learning outcomes listed below support the development of the course objectives, which are:

  1. to develop consciousness concerning how schooling and education are related to larger structures of social, cultural, political, and economical life in the United States. It is expected that students will understand the larger socio-political macrocosm of American Society and how it influences the daily life of a teacher;

  2. to suggest alternatives and critiques to the way we “do education and schooling” in the U.S. To this end, students will focus on a serious discussion and understanding of educational reform in the nation and specifically their application here in New York;

  3. to give students the opportunity to first hand experiences in observing educational practices in Early Childhood and Elementary school programs such as the NYC Public Schools, day care centers, Head Start programs, hospital classes, etc.;

  4. to provide opportunities for students to exchange ideas and problems that result from their exploration of the foundational issues introduced in class;

  5. to increase knowledge and understanding of Pre-K through grade 6 philosophy, socio-cultural background, methods and materials through assigned readings and projects; and,

  6. to identify Common-Core Standards and Social Studies themes addressed in specific activities.