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Citation Help

Addresses how to cite sources, use sources, and avoid plagiarism.

Introducing Citation Tools & Citation Generators

Citation tools, and citation generators, write the citation on your behalf, using an algorithm familiar with many style guides. 

Remember to always check these citations against the style guide as they often have errors.

Citations from OneSearch

When you find items in OneSearch, you can select the citation tool above the short description.
First, select the citation tool by selecting the quotation mark shaped button.

Image 01: Screenshot of a OneSearch item with a quotation mark shaped button encircled.

Citation tool in OneSearch

The citation tool box shall now expand, showing a list of citation styles. Next, select a citation style to cause the citation to generate. Once it has loaded, select Copy Citation to Clipboard, and then paste the citation into your word processer where you are typing up your assignment.

Image 02: Screenshot of OneSearch citation generator with various style encircled next to a note reading, choose your citation style. The copy citation to clipboard button is also encircled with a note reading, After copying, you can paste the citation to your document.
Citation view in OnesSearch

Citations from a Database

Databases may also have their own citation generators. When you select an article, look around the page for the word "Cite." There might be an icon using quotation marks.

Be aware that the location of the cite button varies from database to database. One common location for the cite button is on the either side of the screen.

Image 01: Screenshot of a database with cite button encircled.

Academic Search Complete Cite Button

Another common location for the cite button is the top of the screen.

Image 02: Screenshot of a different database with the cite button encircled.

Gale Ebook Database Citation Page

Citation Generators

Citation generators allow you to enter your source's bibliographic information (such as title and author for a journal article, web page, or book) in order to produce a citation in your selected format.

Citation Builders from University Libraries

These are owned by universities, are entirely free, and have no ads. You put in your information and they will attempt to put everything in the correct format. They will not, however, try to look up any information that you are missing.