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BIO 140 Human Biology I - Questions and Solutions

Naming Skeletal Muscles - Solutions

Review Questions

1. The location of a muscle’s insertion and origin can determine ________.

  1. action
  2. the force of contraction
  3. muscle name
  4. the load a muscle can carry

2. Where is the temporalis muscle located?

  1. on the forehead
  2. in the neck
  3. on the side of the head
  4. on the chin

3. Which muscle name does not make sense?

  1. extensor digitorum
  2. gluteus minimus
  3. biceps femoris
  4. extensor minimus longus

4. Which of the following terms would be used in the name of a muscle that moves the leg away from the body?

  1. flexor
  2. adductor
  3. extensor
  4. abductor


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Critical Thinking Question

1. Describe the different criteria that contribute to how skeletal muscles are named.

Solution: In anatomy and physiology, many word roots are Latin or Greek. Portions, or roots, of the word give us clues about the function, shape, action, or location of a muscle.


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