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Education Research Jump Start

Finding a Full Text Version of an Article

Finding a Full Text Version of an Article

Step 1 - Look to see if we have it in a different database.

  • Search by the title of the journal or newspaper, then look for the date, volume, and issue.

Step 2 - If not, we can get it for you, for free!

  • Get the article delivered to your email inbox, often in less than 24 hours.

Finding a Book That's Not In the HCC Library

Finding a Book That's Not In the HCC Library

Getting Access to a Book at a Different CUNY Library

  1. If there's a book you want, but according to OneSearch, Hostos Library doesn't own it, Use OneSearch to search "All CUNY" for the book.

onesearch only Hostos

onesearch cuny-wide

  1. Once you find the book, click on the title to identify locations.
  2. If you're not already signed in, please sign in with the barcode on your Hostos ID.

sign in to request

  1. Choose where you want to have the book sent - Hostos is the default, but you can choose another campus if you prefer.

Deliver to...

  1. Click on "Send Request."

If the Book is Not at Any CUNY Library

  • Order books, articles, book chapters, dissertations and other items not owned by any CUNY library.